Design or Edit | Driver License | ID Cards | Utility Bills | Passport | ...


Design or Edit | Driver License | ID Cards | Utility Bills | Passport | Bank Statement | Certificate | any Scanned Image | If ...

Design or Edit | Driver License | ID Cards | Utility Bills | Passport | Bank Statement | Certificate | any Scanned Image |

If your paypal is closed temporary and they are asking for proof of your identity then am here for you, i can provide u all the docs of your need.

If you want my services just contact me on given parameters, i will reply you instantly.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------⦁ Price is Fixed ⦁ 30$ per doc (single sided) for regular image⦁ 45$ per doc (single sided) for vector image⦁ or upto 5 changes in an image or page,⦁ Payment Method= PayPal and Bitcoin only ________________________________________________________Email: [email protected] Skype: shahg355 Whatsapp: +15305028861 Facebook: 722 749 716_________________________________________________________

You have to provide me all details that you want on doc like First and Last name, Address, Date Of Birth, Date of issue and Expiry, Signature and Picture Iif you have otherwise i will use any random pic according to age and will generate sign on pc) _________________________________________________________ Who am i ? (About me) I am Shah G, I am Expert of Photoshop Designing or editing, i can create, design or make any documents in photoshop or anything you want. I have almost 6 years of experience, This is my new video because my old video was deleted on Youtube, I got thousands of clients and review on my old video. What are the fake documents uses of fake documents ? Fake docs are those documents which looks like exact real id cards, driver license and other documents. But they are not authorized by government departments. These documents are totally illegal and i am not responsible for your act of use just use them at your own risk. These fake documents like id cards, ssn, driver license, bank statement, Utility bills and other docs can be used for many purpose. But i will suggest you to sue them only for online companies verification like Adsense, Paypal, Perfect Money, Facebook, and many other online websites and companies. IF your paypal is limited and you want to restore it by providing docs then i can help you just contact me and give me all details. How i work ? I am an experienced graphic designer and even more expert in Photoshop editing. I can edit or design any of your fake document and scanned images. I will edit these things in any image or document: ⦁ Name, ⦁ Date of birth, ⦁ User picture, ⦁ date of issue, ⦁ date of expiry, ⦁ license number, ⦁ id card number, ⦁ ssn number, ⦁ any text replacement, ⦁ and can edit anything that you want to be edited in your documents. I will do all these this perfectly without losing original quality or size of the image. I will use same fonts, same colors and same size of anything in the image so it will look more real and professional editing. at the end i hope you will like it so much. Just give it a try :) Type of these fake documents and how many fake documents i have created for my clients ? i have created, designed or edited many type of documents for my clients all over the world as you can see in the screenshot which i have attached. Most of the documents i have edited for my USA clients every time they ask me to edit their documents like driver license and ssn cards. Now i will show u docs and templates that i have made for my thousands of clients I have many countries passport u gonna see in this video. ⦁ USA Passport, ⦁ UK Passport, ⦁ Australia, ⦁ Bangladesh, ⦁ Canada, ⦁ China, ⦁ Czech Republic, ⦁ Denmark, ⦁ Fiji Islands, ⦁ France, ⦁ Germany, ⦁ India, ⦁ Norway, ⦁ Pakistan, ⦁ Philippines, ⦁ South Africa, ⦁ Sweden, ⦁ Swiss, ⦁ UAE, ⦁ Ukraine, ⦁ UNLP I have Done many driver license for clients, you can see the list in this Video: ⦁ Alabama ⦁ Arizona ⦁ Arkansas ⦁ Bahamas ⦁ British Columbia CA ⦁ Bulgaria ⦁ California ⦁ Colombia ⦁ Connecticut ⦁ Deleware ⦁ Florida ⦁ Georgia ⦁ Germany Hawaii ⦁ Idaho ⦁ Illinois ⦁ Indiana ⦁ Kentucky ⦁ Louisina ⦁ Maine ⦁ Malaysia ⦁ Maryland ⦁ Massachussets ⦁ Michighan ⦁ Mississippi ⦁ Missouri ⦁ Montana ⦁ Nebraska ⦁ Netherlands ⦁ Nevada ⦁ New Jersey ⦁ New York ⦁ North Carolina ⦁ Ohio ⦁ Ontario ⦁ Pensylvania ⦁ Pakistan ⦁ Rhode Island ⦁ South Australia ⦁ South Carolina ⦁ South Dakota ⦁ Tennassee ⦁ Texas ⦁ United Kingdom UK ⦁ Utah ⦁ Virginia ⦁ Victroia Australia ⦁ Washington ⦁ West Virginia ⦁ Wisconsin ⦁ Wyoming ⦁ Kingdom of Saudi Arabia KSA ⦁ New Hampshire ⦁ Swiss ⦁ United Arab Emirates UAE Other documents edited or made by me Fake Birth Certificates Fake Utility bills Fake Phone Bills Fake Bank Statements Fake ID cards Fake USA Bills Fake USA bank statements and many more Social Security Card IF u want my services just contact me i will try to respond asap Email: [email protected] Skype: shahg355 Whatsapp: +15305028861 Facebook: ICQ: 722 749 716



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Shah G Info Center: Design or Edit | Driver License | ID Cards | Utility Bills | Passport | ...
Design or Edit | Driver License | ID Cards | Utility Bills | Passport | ...
Shah G Info Center
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